FlexKom Franchise Review

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FlexKom Franchise opportunity gives prospective business owners the chance to begin a franchise. The FlexKom franchise requires low investment and it can be afforded by anyone who has determined that this is the business for them.


FlexKom is able to maintain customer loyalty for small businesses and this is what is going to keep the small businesses from not closing down. Businesses using the FlexKom cards will be able to retain their customers and target new customers through the innovative mobile marketing system.


FlexKom Franchise is a home based business, using the ENDF concept. This means it is connecting both the online and offline world to ONE BIG market using 3 strong elements. These are

E-Commerce worldwide shopping
Networking / Franchising
Direct Sales


FlexKom Franchise is offering unparalleled money saving and making opportunities for everyone with the unique ENDF money earning business model.

FlexKom Franchise is giving people the supreme opportunity of having

1. A Home Based Business with extra income
2. A lucrative and self-determined income
3. A recurring passive income
4. Financial Freedom for its top leaders


FlexKom will provide a loyalty card called the Flex Card, which is a cash back card that benefits all customers who make purchases from the small and medium sized retail shops.


FlexKom was first launched in Turkey in 2012 and it had major success rates of having 4 million cardholders soon after. Due to its success, FlexKom franchise has been introduced in UK and other European countries. Trinidad and Tobago and USA have seen the launch of FlexKom franchises.

The next franchises are being rolled out in Africa, with Kenya leading with the first phase being launched on 3rd of August, 2013 at the Hilton Hotel. With the success rate seen in other countries FlexKom Kenya is building its franchise team at the moment.


As a FlexKom Franchise licence holder you are able to share FlexKom Card idea with retailers who will show interest in providing the FlexCard service. The FlexKom franchisee will earn commissions from the retailers they introduce into the FlexKom marketing system and get commissions from the customers of that retailer when they use their card at any FlexKom outlet. For those with a sense of owning a home based business this is a business opportunity that can’t be missed. You too can have FlexKom franchise if you desire to.


This is for a very limited time only and all spots will be snapped up within days. Join HERE today for a chance to be a FlexKom franchise owner.



FlexKom Review

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FlexKom International is a company that is improving how online and offline business is done. It is providing digital discount loyalty cards that will benefit both customers and businesses with cash instead of points.

FlexKom is already in the market using the mobile marketing strategy to make products to find the customer instead of the customer going to look for products.


Small and medium sized retailers can now offer their customers cash back for being loyal to them.  FlexKom retailers will the cards to customers and earn some cash when their customer goes to shop elsewhere whether offline or online. The customer earns cash back on the card and the retailer gets cash back too. This is the intelligence used in the FlexKom system.

Marketing is more effective if done through word of mouth. Rarely does conventional advertising have a mega influence the purchasing decisions of customers. This system is relying on word of mouth to build the business.


The FlexKom mobile marketing system can be used in any business and it ensures that the small businesses to not be shut down since there is cash back earnings for their small business. This in a way minimizes competition that has previously seen many businesses closing their doors.


Many businesses are making more online sales and the offline businesses are suffering in consequence. With FlexKom both online and offline markets are going to gain and make even more profits.


FlexKom was founded by Cingiz Ehliz and started in 2010.  FlexKom was first tried in Turkey in February 2011 and has currently over 4 million customers. It launched in other European countries like Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Ireland and Switzerland. It plans to be 50 countries by the year 2016 and have 500 million customers worldwide.

Personal Development



Guide to Personal Development for an Internet Business

We are all very comfortable in our own home and it is in this setting that you can actually start you own internet business. When spending time at home you can find great reads on how to improve the quality of your life and one way you can increase your personal development is through earning money from an internet business.


There are many people who are looking for methods on who they can work from home and make money online. It is easier for a person to start a home based business since you are more productive when you are at home away from things that might stress you. You are able to look around and carry out a research on the kind of business you would like to start. The flexibility in using your time to get your online business goals started can be very useful to you.


You can concentrate on learning how to sell product online for your personal development. This will show you ways in which you can get more earnings from your business. You can do the marketing effectively using banners, catalogues at minimal costs to you.


You can even offer free samples of your products to your customers to that you can begin to get more clients for your online business. The initial money that you start with is very little and you will not have made a lot of risks when starting.


Starting internet marketing can be very easy if you do not have money to invest in your own business.


You can start as an affiliate marketer and be there to helping to sell the products of a company that already exists. This provides you with several advantages that can help to start making money online quicker.


First, as an affiliate marketer you will be marketing brands or products that are already on the market. You will not go into the trouble of having to create new products and presenting them to the profitable niches and the market as a whole public. If the brands are fairly well known in the market then getting customers might not be too difficult for you. It is much easier to sell product online because it is something that has an established reputation as compared to breaking in with something new.


Starting an internet marketing business may not be that easy at first. You will need to make the most of your skills and talents. You need to focus on personal development and that means working some long hours during the first few days. You realize that is a business like any other and you know that you need to work hard so that you can make money from it. You will have to work very hard when promoting the products that you decide to sell.


Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Newbie


Internet marketing newbie is a friendly Internet marketing terms that describes someone who is new to making money online. We have all been newbies when we first attempted to make money using the Internet to earn money  and get more clients for our business or in the career we are pursuing.


You may be searching on the internet and trying to figure out a way to make money online. This should be one that will work for your financial goals and one that you will enjoy doing. One internet marketing secret that will help you get started to getting more clients and earning money online is to have an online business.


You first need to decide why is it important for you to make money using the internet. You can start by writing your goals down and what sort of thing you need to do as an internet marketing newbie.


When you know the importance of why you want to make money online, you have to find the most effective way that will make you achieve this. Unbelievably, there are numerous ways to make money in internet marketing. Be careful that you do not run in circles trying different systems that will frustrate you in the end.


You need to have internet marketing strategies. When you want to start small, you can make around $100 to $300 a month. You can start by doing small tasks like data entry and even taking online surveys. If you want to make more than this, you need to set up a small home based business.


If you desire to make a lasting income using the internet, a newbie has to think about starting a blog in a niche that they like. Many people earn full time incomes online as bloggers. When they started out, they did not make a single coin for the first several months they were blogging.


When you are blogging and you are interested in the topic you are in, you will enjoy it so much that you will do without making money online from blogging. You will gradually build an audience and eventually you will start making money online. After some months, you will have so much content on your blog that the search engines will begin to reward your blog with high traffic.


When you are getting high traffic from the search engines, you will be able to turn the traffic into an income stream by selling advertising on your blog. This will only be possible if you comprehend why you want to make money online. As an internet marketing newbie, you can start blogging using free sites like WordPress and typepad. You should understand why you want to make money online right from the start.


Other ways an internet marketing newbie can make money online is by affiliate marketing. This is where you promote other people’s products. You can even do article writing if you are good at writing because website owners are always looking for content for their websites. You can make a lot of money as an internet marketing newbie if you know how to go about this.

Visualizing Internet Marketing


Visualizing internet marketing is having a clear picture of how you are going to run your online business and be a success in internet marketing. You need to have the right marketing tools to enable you to turns your dreams into reality. This video gives you a short description of internet marketing visualization.



List Building

Nothing Compares to List Building

By starting your online business, you need to grow your customers through list building. Nothing compares to advertising your online business using the list you have built of your customers. This helps you to market new services or products before you introduce it to the international market.


Your subscribers can get a discount price. You can notify them that the service or product price will go up a few days’ time. By using list building, you will be able to make them know they are special and this will increase your business sales.

You will lose business prospects if you do not having any form of list building.


To start list building you need the people who visit your website to leave their contact details. Start by having an auto responder in place. This will help you to know how much traffic you are getting and help in future sales. You need to have a pitch that will help to convince the visitors to leave their details so make it as simple as possible and offer them a free gift to do this. List building later turns into sales.


Get Back to Basics – Use Your Opt-in List

One of the easiest ways to quickly make money online is to use your opt-in list. Get back to the basics, be resourceful, and use an opt-in form to start list building. This means that you will be in the right direction in making money repeatedly from your customers.

All internet marketers say that the money is in the list. You therefore need to make use of list building. The list should be there to earn you money from your online business.


Start to develop a relationship with your website visitors because they are very important for your business in the end. By having a list, it becomes your cash cow, you have to think of the list as real people who you can add value to their lives by the product or service you are selling.


Put the needs of you customers in mind when doing your list building. You have to research and know how you can give them more value so that they can buy products from you. Think of list building as the potentiality of making profits in your business. It is not just a numbers game. Know that the people behind the list should be made confident that you can solve their problems.


As an online entrepreneur, concentrated on list building to have a better relationship with subscribers and then from then on it was much easier to make more money. Nothing compares to list building when you are doing business online.


Advertise Your Product Using Email Marketing

List Building

The first thing you need to do is get your list built. You need to start collecting the names and email addresses of the people who visit your site. You next need to create a new product that you will advertise to your list.


It is important to use email marketing to let your customers know about your product before put it in the market. It is wise to do this because I know that I exclusively provide my new products to my subscribers at a special discounted price, and make them realize that the price I have offered them is a special rate and son the price will go up within a few days.


I give them the first priority to sample out my product and this make them feel appreciated. Offering your product to your list first increases the product sales of the new product you have created.


When I start my email marketing campaigns, I usually start by sending traffic to the sales page of the new product. I then start to evaluate the success rate of the sales letter. This helps in making sure that the sales pitch is converting the site visitors into buyers. The easy way to convert to buyers is by offering a preview of your eBook or even a report to improve your sales records.


The secret to getting sales is by having a mailing list. This prevents you from losing a many business prospects, and you need to start building your list if you have not yet started.


When using email marketing, you need to have an introduction that is short, that talks about the info product that you are advertising.  When you provide links for your product, it will take your subscribers directly to your sales page. This page needs to be convincing enough to make them want to buy your new product.


Make your emails interesting and exciting. Stick to the point because many people will not read along email.


You need to tell all your friends and if you are on any social networking site, you can tell everyone about your new product. When you are on the social networking sites, you will be able to advertise your products much easily because there are many people you are in contact with here.


Your sales page should behave an opt-in form people can use or you to get the email addresses of new people visiting your site.


When you are a writer, you need to be seen as a professional in your niche. You must not use email marketing campaigns to your products to people you do not know or who never subscribed to receive your promotional material.


Check the usefulness of the email marketing to make it better for your sales promotion. You need to manage your advertising by testing and rating its success or parts that need to be developed.

Benefits of Blogging for Your Online Business


There are many benefits of blogging for an online business. Nevertheless, the crucial advantage is that of bringing in and building a high traffic of visitors to your website on a daily basis. This means that it is generating better sales for your  online business.


1. It Promotes and Sells Your Product

Blogging has become a significant part of doing business for everyone who owns a business. There is no single business owner who should miss the huge potential of doing business by using blogging. One simple way would be to start blogging by creating and using their own blogs.

By using a blog you will be able to promote and sell your products and services to thousands of website visitors each day. If you already have a blog that is popular, you will get numerous visitors daily.